Product requirements and Brexit

Here you can read more about the rules for product requirements, including cars, after Brexit.

If you import goods from the UK or export goods to the UK, you must be aware that from the 1st of January 2021, the UK is no longer required to follow the EU rules. 

Therefore, as an importer, you must determine if the imported products fulfill the EU product requirements, and as an exporter, you must follow the product requirements in the UK from now on. 

You must be aware that marketing authorisations, certificates, licenses, approvals and authorisations that have been issued by the British authorities, notified bodies in the UK or accreditation of certification bodies in the UK, as a rule, will no longer be valid when selling goods in the EU.

Authorisations, approvals and licenses issued in the UK and used to demonstrate compliance with EU legislation, must be transferred to the EU or reissued by an equivalent body in the EU to ensure that the product can continue to be imported to the EU. Additionally, authorisations, approvals and licenses that demonstrate compliance with national legislation in the UK will be invalid in the EU.

The deal between the EU and the UK oblige both parties to accept the products that fulfill the requirements in the UNECE Regulation. You must therefore be aware, that approvals that document accordance with relevant UNECE regulations, as a rule, will be accepted in both the EU and the UK also when issued in the UK.