Pay your parking fee

In Denmark vehicles can park for a maximum of 25 hours at the parking areas along the motorway network.

If you receive a parking fee for exceeding the time allowed to park at the parking areas, you must pay within 24 days.

If the amount of the fee is DKK 2.040 You can get a 50% discount if you pay within 5 days from the date of issue and 25% if you pay within 6 to 24 days from the date of issue (Applies to taxes issued after 1 July 2021).

Be aware that it can take up to 24 hours before your fee is registered in the payment system and ready for payment.

Pay your parking fee (new window)

You pay either electronic or by bank transfer. If you are using bank transferring via, it is very important that you remember to enter your name, registration number and serial number correctly, otherwise we will not be able to register your payment. 

Bank information can be found below:

                 SWIFT: DABADKKK
                 IBAN: DK9702164069223354
        0216, account no.: 4069223354

The Danish Road Traffic Authority has partnered with Euro Parking Collection plc, a company located in the UK, regarding collection of unpaid parking fees issued to foreign vehicles. 
If the parking fee is not paid within the 24 days period, you will receive a payment reminder. 

If the Danish Road Traffic Authority still has not received payment 28 days after the payment reminder has been sent, a letter is sent to remind the owner/user of the vehicle that the payment is due. The time allowed for payment after the letter is 28 days.

If the Danish Road Traffic Authority still does not receive the payment, the case will be sent to the Danish Debt Collection Agency.

You can not complain about the parking fee.

If you have any questions about your parking fee, you can contact the Danish Road Traffic Authority by email at: